Background on Tepro's Wirewound Resistors:
For more than 50 years Tepro has been developing, designing, and manufacturing quality wirewound resistors. Over the years they also developed other types of resistors.  Now they manufacture in both wirewound resistor & metal film resistor configurations that are used for both commercial and military applications, but wirewound resistors remains their forte. Their specialty, in the wirewound resistor field is in tighter tolerances, higher reliability, and shorter lead times.  Some of the wirewound resistors they produce include: chassis mount resistors, zero ohm jumpers, and temperature sensing resistors. 
Resistor Product Variety:
Tepro also offers many different types of custom precision resistors and power resistors, as well. These are available in both wirewound resistor and metal film resistor styles, including carbon film resistors. So, if you don't see what you need in the standard catalog, please don't hesitate to call, because a custom wirewound precision resistor or wirewound power resistor can, in many instances, be built in the same time frame as a standard catalog resistor.     
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